In need of assistanceBaguhin

Hey. I've seen you edit here lately. I'm a global sysop just recently promoted and one of the wikis I'm cracking down on is this wiki, which is riddled by vandalism and nonsensical pages (check the deletion log for all the work I have been doing so far). I'm asking you if it possible you can evaluate my actions on this wiki. For example, I've been reverting a lot of edits to the earliest revisions in order to get rid of any vandalism these IPs have been leaving behind -- I've semiprotected it, so users like you can make the necessary changes needed, such as reverting it to the appropriate revision if I've made a bad call.

I'm looking forward to a collaboration. Thanks. --Atcovi (makipag-usap) 22:17, 30 Enero 2019 (UTC)